Celebrate Deep Dive Dubai’s first anniversary with a spectacular array of
offers, including a free dive for those who share the same birthday week!

July 20, 2022
  • Those celebrating their birthday from Jul 25-31 will receive a complimentary diving experience worth up to AED2,100! *
  • First-year anniversary celebration with a week-long series of offers, tours and events for both divers and non-divers
  • All divers can avail a free video upgrade** on diving sessions, whilst all visitors can book a complimentary facility tour worth AED400***
  • The weekend of July 30/31 will host fascinating talks from world class divers on topics such as freediving, marine ecosystems, and human endurance, open to the public absolutely free



Dubai, 20 July, 2022: The world’s most unique diving experience, Deep Dive Dubai (DDD), is marking its first anniversary on the week of July 25 and is inviting the UAE to join in the celebrations.

With an incredible range of offers, upgrades and events, including a free dive worth up to AED 2,100* if you share the same birthday week and a series of talks from world champion divers, Deep Dive Dubai promises an exceptional, one-of-a-kind underwater encounter for everyone, from absolute beginners to experienced divers.

A world-class academy dedicated to diving excellence, Deep Dive Dubai is the gateway for more people to begin, enhance and develop an underwater connection. It features an astonishing “sunken city” and combines exceptional facilities, expert staff, and the latest technology to create an extraordinary underwater encounter, including the region’s largest submerged film studio. Deep Dive Dubai evokes Dubai’s spirit of exploration, discovery, and potential, enabling visitors to have fun whilst they build confidence, increase competence, and explore new capacities in a truly unique setting. The first anniversary celebration is an opportunity for even more people to uncover the magic of the deep and is the gateway to begin, enhance and develop an underwater connection through a safe and controlled environment.


As a facilitator of special moments, Deep Dive Dubai is sharing its birthday week with the community and paying it forward with some incredible birthday specials. Those that are also celebrating their birthday from July 25-31, can redeem a complimentary ‘Discovery’ experience or guided session for scuba or freediving worth up to AED 2,100! *. This experience is the perfect encounter for those wanting to try a new adventure, tick off their bucket list, brush up their skills, or simply cool down this summer. To redeem this opportunity, lucky customers are invited to email or call the facility with their identification to book the session. All other visitors to DDD can take advantage of the celebratory week with a free video upgrade** on all booked scuba and freediving sessions, as well as free facility tours worth AED400

All activities are based on a first-come, first-served basis and subject to availability and
 terms & conditions



At the centre of DDD is the enthusiastic and expert team alongside the wider diving community, who share a collective passion and deep appreciation of diving’s limitless benefits to mind, body, and soul, as well as a profound respect for the ecosystem within it.

The centre is inviting the wider community to share in this passion and discover the marvel of the underwater world with a plethora of talks by industry experts over the weekend. The talks by international divers, marine experts and DDD staff will uncover fascinating subjects such as diving technology, marine ecosystems, human capacity in freediving, precision diving techniques, underwater videography, freediving mindfulness and much more.


July 30 – Deep Dive Dubai Talks

1:00 Next generation diving technology

 Manuel Petro: DAN Europe, Vice-President – European Baromedical Society Dive into the future of high-tech, personalized decompression technology with real-time monitoring of physiological health and stress metrics.

2:00 Creating a sustainable future with healthy, diverse marine ecosystems

 Tam Sawers: Manta Trust Representative Explore support for sustainable underwater ecosystem and help them thrive with programs to support manta rays, their relatives, and their habitats.

3:00 Mars the Magnificent

 Richard Lundgren: Wreck Explorer and DDD Senior Manager The 20-year search to locate a 500-year-old Swedish warship, countless surprises along the way, and the fascinating array of insights that are part of the journey.

4:00 Diving in Truk Lagoon

 Jesper Kjoller: Senior editor, technical diver, and DDD Marketing Supervisor Diving in the world’s largest ship graveyard. Beautiful imagery, rich history, and great opportunities for nearly any enthusiastic diver.

5:00 Extreme cave exploration

– Jarrod Jablonski: World Record Holder and DDD Director Pushing the limits of technology and human endurance while continually setting and resetting records for the longest, deep cave dives in the world.


July 31 – Deep Dive Dubai Talks

 1:00 Protecting marine ecosystems and species with AZRAQ

Chloe Griffin: AZRAQ Representative

An inspiring talk aimed to educate, motivate and activate the community in support of marine ecosystems.

2:00 Discover Freediving

Gaspard Garry-Gendre: Passionate Freediver and DDD Trainer

 Freediving is part sport, part science, part meditation and so much more; learn the benefits of this underwater voyage and how you can embark on your own journey.

3:00 Precision diving Techniques

 Dorota Czerny: Technical explorer and DDD Operations Manager

Improve your diving skills while having more fun and enjoying greater safety with this performance-oriented masterclass.

4:00 Underwater videography

Dimitris Fifis: Accomplished Videographer and DDD Staff Trainer

Create compelling underwater stories and learn the skills needed to turn subaquatic moving pictures into works of art.

 5:00 Freediving Mindfulness

Nataliia Zharkova: World Champion Freediver and DDD Freediving Team Leader







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